BillionGraves is a huge fan of Scouting! Already we have had many scouts organize their Eagle Projects to capture and record images for BillionGraves. We couldn’t be more thrilled!

To show our gratitude and support for these awesome scouts—thanks to American Monument—BillionGraves is giving away granite plaques to every scout who uploads 10,000 images or more for their Eagle Scout Project. This beautiful plaque (see example on right) is our way of honoring these ambitious young men who have put in hours of service for the benefit of others.

BillionGraves is a worldwide project that gives people more access to their ancestor’s records than ever before. Using BillionGraves for your Eagle Scout project is not only free, but very meaningful. Through using modern technology, you can make these records available to families all over the world!

If you know of anyone looking for an Eagle Scout project, recommend BillionGraves to them and have them check out our Eagle Scout information packet for more details. We are happy to help you organize your Eagle Project and answer any questions you might have.