27 Oct 2020

Gravestone Cleaner: D/2 Biological Cleaning Solution

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Gravestone Cleaner: D/2 Biological Cleaning Solution

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BillionGraves has teamed up with Save Your Stones to provide you with an amazing gravestone cleaning kit!

You will be able to clean your ancestor’s gravestone in the same way professionals have cleaned some of our nation’s most important historical monuments such as:

  • the U.S. Capitol
  • the Washington Monument
  • the Alamo
  • the Gettysburg Monuments
  • the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Gravestones that are uncared for are more likely to crack, flake, and decay. The BillionGraves Gravestone Cleaning Kit can help you restore your family gravestones and prevent further damage.

Included in package:

BillionGraves Gravestone Cleaning Tool Kit includes all the tools you need to safely clean gravestones:

  • (1) quart D/2 Biological Cleaning Solution


More about D/2 Biological Solution

BillionGraves Gravestone Cleaning Solution pack also includes one quart of D/2 Biological Solution, the #1 gravestone cleaner used and trusted by professional gravestone conservationists.

D/2 has been used to successfully clean millions of gravestones, monuments, and buildings. From the White House to Arlington National Cemetery, D/2 is the go-to solution when results really matter.

Whether your ancestor’s gravestone is stained with soil, mold, and mildew – or covered in lichen, algae, or moss – D/2 will safely remove the grime and biological growth. And D/2 is not only safe for the stone, it’s safe for you!

The quart of D/2 included in BillionGraves Gravestone Cleaning Kit will go a long way – allowing you to clean more than a dozen standard-sized stones!

*Please note the BillionGraves Gravestone Cleaning Kit is not recommended for fragile gravestones. Please use good judgment before performing any kind of cleaning to any gravestone. Only clean stones that you have permission to clean. 

*The user agrees to hold harmless Save Your Stones and BillionGraves of any damage associated with the use of this product to property and/or person.

*Only available for purchase in the United States


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