08 Dec 2023

Tag: records


Group Effort 

Our records continue to grow, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of our volunteers! We hope you’re having a great month capturing and transcribing images. Have you gone out to the cemetery with a group yet? As you know, we highly recommend it. Not only…


Mother’s Day 

With a day devoted to honoring mothers coming up here in the US, we thought we’d honor some here at BillionGraves. Our database of headstones is a great resource for your personal family history research, but did you know it also provides other interesting data…

Release Notes

Calling All Transcribers 

Did you notice the rewards program for transcribers on the BillionGraves website? Go check it out if you haven’t! In addition to the rewards you can earn by uploading pictures of your local cemetery, you can also earn rewards by transcribing images for our database….