23 Feb 2019

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1.2 Million More in May – 2015 Results! 

1.2 Million More in May! The final results are in and the numbers speak for themselves! 668,233 photos were taken, 579,793 records were transcribed (with an additional 807,483 images waiting to be transcribed)! With over 22,500 new BillionGraves users! In total volunteers made over 1,248,026 contributions during the month of…

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September & Summer of More Winners! 

WOW! Another amazing month at BillionGraves with 474,089 new photos taken and 549,786 new records created with an additional 910,007 photos waiting to be transcribed! In total making more than 1,023,875 contributions during the month of September! Thank you to all our volunteers for all their hard work!   During the…