10 Dec 2018



Win the Pin Design Contest 

Calling all artists! BillionGraves is hosting a brand new competition and we need all you artistically-minded people to submit your work! Next year, we will be holding monthly challenges where picture-takers and transcribers will both get to participate. Each month we will introduce a new…


September Showdown: Week 3! 

It’s been a busy month here at BillionGraves with over a quarter of a million images transcribed and almost that many images uploaded too! Our picture-takers and transcribers are keeping those numbers up high, although the transcribers have still maintained a pretty good lead! There’s…


How to Become a BillionGraves Android Beta-tester 

Want to help us out and test the latest Android Application? Here’s how: 1. Join the Google+ Community by opening the following Google+ Community link in your browser: https://plus.google.com/communities/111516486996995000940. 2. If you aren’t signed into your Google+ Account, you will need to sign in. If you…


5 Million Mark! 

That’s right, BillionGraves hit the 5 MILLION records mark this weekend! And that’s not even counting the 298,000+ images still waiting in the queue! This is another huge milestone for BillionGraves and we can’t thank you enough! This is no doubt due to all your hard…


Week 1: September Showdown! 

Alright everyone, it’s been a full week and here’s the score: That’s right. Our transcribers have quite a large lead on our uploaders! BUT the good news is that the weekend is here! So let’s get out there, Team Photography, and narrow that gap! Don’t…