Today we released an update to the Android app that has some awesome fixes and will make it easier for more of you to use BillionGraves.
We’ve received reports from some of you that the app would force close when you tried to take a photo; that is probably the biggest issue that this update resolves.
There have also been some individuals whose new phones have not been able to get a GPS lock. This update will fix that problem for many users. (We know of one phone type that still cannot get an accurate lock and the developers are still hard at work getting it up and running. However, there are too many valuable fixes in this update for it to make sense to keep it from the rest of you based on that phone.)
In addition to these two big fixes, the developers have made several tweaks to improve the app’s ability to work on the variety of Android hardware and software.
If your phone has been having trouble running the app, download the update and take it for another trial run. Then pass your feedback along to—as I’ve said before, the more information you can give us about your experiences, the better we can make BillionGraves.