The number of records flowing into the database this month has been monumental! We are so appreciative of the efforts our volunteers are putting in. Participation this month has grown dramatically—in registrations, image uploads, and transcriptions. Your efforts have provided a giant boost to the BillionGraves database. Thank you!

Because there has been so much participation, we’ve decided that rewarding just the top 25 on the Leaderboard is not enough. Now, if you’re among the TOP 50 picture-takers or transcribers at the end of the month, you’ll earn some great prizes!

If you find yourself on the May Leaderboard as of May 31 at 11:59 PM GMT (7:59 PM EDT) as EITHER a transcriber or photographer, you will receive the following appreciation gifts:

Top 10 picture-takers and transcribers

BG+ account free for one year

BillionGraves t-shirt

$10 Subway gift card

Spots 11-20

BG+ account free for one year

BillionGraves t-shirt

Spots 21-30

Choose a BG+ account free for one year OR a BillionGraves t-shirt

Spots 31-40

Choose 10 Record Watches OR a BillionGraves t-shirt

And finally, spots 41-50

10 Record Watches

Thanks again for your contributions, and we hope you’re excited about the new prizes! Although, you may have to fight harder to retain your spot on the Leaderboard this month!


Promotion is open to all to participate for free.  Registration is required.

Awards will ship within 30 days at the end of the promotion.

Recipients may be required to provide a mailing address for physical items.

T-Shirt winners will be required to provide their requested size.

If a winner is on the Leaderboard for both categories (i.e. a leader in picture-taking and transcribing), the winner will be awarded the prize corresponding to the highest ranking on either board. For example, if a user is ranked #35 on the picture-taking Leaderboard and #19 on the transcription Leaderboard, he or she will be awarded the prize for spots 11-20, or a BG+ account for one year and a BillionGraves t-shirt.