18 Jun 2024

Tag: contests


January Win the Pin! 

It’s a new month and a new year so we’re starting a brand-new contest. Introducing the monthly Win the Pin contest! Each month you’ll get the chance to compete for the unique pin of the month. All you have to do to win the pin…


OctoberFest Winners! 

Thanks to all who participated in our OctoberFest competition! We sure appreciate all you do! Below are the winners of this month’s giveaway. Please watch for an email in your inbox today requesting your name and address where you would like us to ship your prize….


September Showdown Winners! 

September showed us some great competition between our transcribers and our uploaders, but the transcribers stayed strong and pulled through with the win this time! Congratulations, transcribers! You will each receive a BillionGraves stressball and I’m sure you’ll need it after all the transcribing you’ve…