When I was a young child, I learned about Genealogy from my Grandmother.  My teachers and leaders at church would always talk about it. Growing up as a Mormon, it was talked about a lot in regards to Temple work and the action of “Redeeming the Dead”. As soon as they started talking about “Genealogy” I would automatically tune out!

So my fellow Genealogy nuts, lets talk about the 5 reasons why your Grandma-ma wants you to do Genealogy and why we will convince all the cool Hipsters to stop hanging out on Instagram, and start hanging out on BillionGraves instead!


#5- Genealogy work is just so boringggggggggg!

Oh contraire! This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Do me a solid, and go ask your Grandparents, or your parents about how they met.  Go ask them about their parents or their great grand parents.  The stories that they will tell you about where you came from will not only blow your mind, but they will give you such a great appreaction for your heritage and your own very blood line.

When we read about the hardships, tragedies, and triumphs of our ancestors, it makes us realize how relatively easy we have it, and how fortunate we are. And it gives us a real sense of debt and gratitude.


#4 Why do the Genealogy agony?

Because it gives YOU a lever to pry simple questions about you out of your own parents. What do you and your parents have in common here? We now know that, if the family history is to be saved at all, this late, with the old folks passing on, the time is now or never, and we want to save what we can while we can.

If, years from now, someone in the next generation wants to REALLY dig into the family stuff, at least we must give him or her a good, solid, scaffolding from which to begin, preferably with lots of interesting family stories too.


# 3 where do I even start?

This can be the most difficult question, but with amazing resources such as BillionGraves it makes starting very easy.  How easy is it you ask?? You can install the genealogy camera app on your iPhone, android or GPS-enabled phone to record grave marker locations worldwide! You can Transcribe & Search grave images for free on the website! That’s just as easy as posting a picture of your food from Café Rio you took the other day with the hashtag #soyummy!

What started out as a “simple” project has now become all consuming. One of the nicest things to happen from this research is how you can spend hours and hours talking to your parents about your “finds” as opposed to talking about their health. The bottom line is I now enjoy playing detective and sharing my finds with any and all relatives who care to have the information.


#2 I would rather text and take pictures on Instagram!

Ok all you “hipster” kids.  Do me a favor, take out your phone and search for the #hashtag #graves on Instagram and or Facebook or Twitter. You will be amazed at all of the amazing photos and rich history of the Millions and Millions of gravestones that are being uploaded on a daily and hourly basis.

Just to give you an idea of how cool and fun this work is, Genealogy websites are receiving millions and millions of hits every single day!


#1 I don’t want to learn about my family!

Now, in my humble opinion, this is just plain dumb.  After everything is said and done in this life, all we have is our family and maybe a few close friends.

How people went from one side of our country to the other with the slow moving vehicles–how they existed–what their trials, loves, and happiness’s were, etc.


So all my “Hipster” friends- it’s very simple and easy to get started.  Pick up your iPhone and go to and get started today!

What where are some challenges and questions you may have had when you first got started doing this work? Please leave your comments below! Let’s start a great conversation!


If you have any questions about starting your own project or feedback, contact them at



About the Author: Patrick Williams

Patrick Williams is an SEO Specialist and avid Blogger. When not slaving over google search results and building links to the god’s of the internet, Patrick is a single dad to an adorable little boy. He also coaches high school soccer, and is an avid sports fan. He also has many leather bound books, that smell of rich mahogany. He is also fluent in the Cambodian language.