Version 1.1 of the iPhone app was approved by Apple yesterday, and here’s what it has under the hood:

The camera will not take photos without an accurate GPS fix. This will ensure you have the most accurate GPS location possible for all your photos because you won’t be able to start collecting until your phone has a good fix.

More accurate GPS settings. Along with the prerequisite fix, we’ve tweaked a few things to create a more accurate GPS tag.

Cemetery map improvements. The map now uses the satellite view from Google maps, which means you can zoom in closer to the cemetery and see the actual terrain instead of streets. It also groups the marker pins better so you get the best information possible for the level of zoom you have. If you’re zoomed out too far to see the pins well, they’ll group together and a number will appear to show you how many pins are in the group.

Improved photos view. The process of viewing, editing, and uploading your photos is more streamlined.

If you already have the app on your phone, you can get the update by tapping on the App Store app and either uploading all the pending updates you have or selecting the BillionGraves app specifically.