Halloween is just around the corner. In the spirit of the season, we wanted to give you 4 tasty treats to kick start your Halloween festivities!

1. 14 Day Photo Hold

Our first tasty treat is for our photographers who like to transcribe and manage their own photos! After uploading your photos, you have not just 7, but 14 days to review, link/un-link, delete, and transcribe your own photos before they are added to the general transcription pool!

Manage images by date, cemetery, or images waiting for transcription on your My Images page. HERE

2. Linking Records

Our next treat is our new linking records features found on the transcription page. Ever come across a headstone while transcribing that needs to be linked to another image? No more going through support! Link images together to make complete records in seconds with our new linking features!

Learn more about how this new feature works HERE!

3. Managing Images

Another treat that we have for you is the added functions to manage your photos through the transcription page. This feature is for the perfectionist in all of us! Now you can transcribe specific folders in your My Photos. Easily correct errors of transcribed records, delete unwanted images that were uploaded, link records that need to be linked, and transcribe your own photos.  Nobody knows your photos better. So why not give you the tools to manage them!

Learn more about managing your records HERE!

Learn more about deleting records during transcription HERE!

4. Sticky Filters & Transcription Queue Update

Last but not least, a double treat to sweeten your Halloween! Our updated Sticky Filters remembers your selected transcribing filters between sessions. Simply select photos to transcribe by Language, Country, or Cemetery and start transcribing. The next time you come back, we’ll remember where you left off!

We’ve also updated how we deliver your next images! When transcribing you’ll see photos deliver to you in this order:

1. Any specific image that you request by it’s ID.

2. Photos based on any filters you have set on the Transcription Page (14 day hold on photos apply)

3. Photos that you have uploaded.

4. Images within 100 miles from your location. (14 day hold on photos apply)

5. Images within your Country. (14 day hold on photos apply)

6. Images from around the World. (14 day hold on photos apply)

Note: If you have organized a project where you would like to access photos immediately to transcribe, simply navigate to the cemetery using our search function and click on the “Transcribe” button below the cemetery map to bypass the 14 day hold on photos.


We hope you enjoy these new tasty treats from BillionGraves! For any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Have a fun and safe Halloween Holiday wherever you are!

-The BillionGraves Team