After months of work in response to hundreds of user requests, BillionGraves has added several new features designed to validate and enhance the headstone records found on BillionGraves.

Introducing BillionGraves “Supporting Records”

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The Supporting Record feature now allows users to upload evidence-based documents that support the BillionGraves records that have been collected through our mobile Apps. This means that users are now able to upload headstones, birth/death, burial, marriage, cremation, and many other types of records WITHOUT NEEDING A SMART PHONE!

[NOTE] BillionGraves will continue to emphasize the use of our mobile application to upload VERIFIED HEADSTONE RECORDS with their accompanying GPS locations and will remain a FREE resource to all.

Over the last 2 years, thousands of volunteers have uploaded millions of headstone photos with accompanying GPS locations from every corner of the globe. These records are viewed everyday by researchers around the world because these are VALIDATED and ACCURATE records. No fabrications. No interpretations. No assumptions. Here is an example of the information found currently on BillionGraves.

BillionGraves Headstone Record Example

  • Headstone Photosupporting_records_diagram2_v2-02
  • Exact GPS Coordinates
  • Transcribed Headstone Data
    • Full Name, Date of Birth/Death, Epitaph, etc.

Thousands of records are being uploaded every day and are breaking down genealogy brick walls and making connections that once seemed impossible. While working closely with our users and genealogists we found that there were many headstones and burials that just couldn’t be accounted for with our current systems; including unmarked graves, cremation scatterings, destroyed stones, and so on.

Our Supporting Record features eliminate this problem while maintaining the validity and accuracy of the BillionGraves database.

Our new Supporting Records feature allows users anywhere in the world to add evidence-based documents that validate and create additional insight into headstone records found on BillionGraves. The addition of these Supporting Records will serve as an invaluable tool to genealogists in their research.

Here are some examples of supporting records:

Supporting Record Types

  • Birth/Death Certificatessupporting_records_diagram1_v2-01
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Burial Records
  • Cremation Records
  • Unmarked Graves
  • Military Records
  • Headstone records WITHOUT GPS coordinates
  • Any other type of record that supports and validates any BillionGraves Headstone Records

Let’s face it, we’ve all been plagued with headaches caused by incorrect/assumed information in our family trees. BillionGraves’ Supporting Records IS the solution to your problems!

By adding and linking supporting documents to headstones on BillionGraves, we are able to connect the dots between each headstone and each member in your family tree by using EVIDENCE and not assumptions. Creating an accurate family history to pass on through the ages.

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How to get started?

Supporting records are already appearing in the search results. Search now, to see our Supporting Records in action!

To add Supporting Records of your own:

  1. Log in to your BillionGraves account. (Don’t have an account? Register for FREE today!)
  2. Select “Add Supporting Record” from the “Tools” drop-down menu to add one record at a time.
  3. To upload multiple records at once, select “Add Batch of Supporting Records” from the “Tools” drop-down menu.

Follow the on page prompts and helpful tips to assist you in your uploading. Follow us on our BLOG and Facebook page for more detailed tutorials and updates as they become available.

Have headstone images, birth/death records, or documentation of unmarked graves? Use the new Supporting Records feature on BillionGraves today!