06 Jun 2020

Category: Tutorials


Getting Started with BillionGraves 

[en] The Challenge BillionGraves has a goal to record one billion headstones across the world. Recording headstones with their specific GPS location will allow people researching their family history to access headstone information from anywhere in the world. Using your GPS enabled smartphone, you can…


Image Review Process 

We love and appreciate all the hard work and time you put in to gathering headstone images. Your work is helping family history enthusiasts everywhere. Because we want to make sure all of the images on BillionGraves are useable, we have always had a system…


Working Around the Changing Seasons 

The seasons are changing on us, and with new seasons comes new obstacles for recording headstones. Follow these tips as you continue taking photos during fall and winter. Leaves The leaves are falling, and they are making it hard to photograph headstones. Clearing off headstones…