BillionGraves March Madness!1A big thank you to all the transcribers and photographers who participated this month in the March BillionGraves Madness Contest!

The warmer weather and beautiful sunshine were a perfect combination to be outside taking photos. This March we are able to collect and preserve  322,154 photos and create 388,771 transcribed records. A HUGE thank you to all of you for making it possible!

Check out the winners of the March BillionGraves Madness Bracket leader board below:

March BillionGraves Madness Winners!


If you didn’t make the Bracket you still might have won 1 free month of BillionGraves Plus. Check for your name below!

Here are the top Photographers for March 2016:

huskerken, 19535 ($50 Amazon Gift Card)
gal, 18509 (Portable Device Charger)
omriweb, 18422 (Portable Device Charger)
yuval, 12105 (BillionGraves T-Shirt)
daviscrick, 10354 (BillionGraves T-Shirt)
A Honda, 8937 (BillionGraves T-Shirt)
ladynwht, 8035 (BillionGraves T-Shirt)
veachjl, 7118 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
OurFamilyBefore, 6460 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
STK, 6337 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
Jean, 5957 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
Lindsey2415, 5545 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
RobH_Abz, 4906 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
Matiah, 4810 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
kenpojosh, 4152 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
JankaBart, 3985 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
lindsay, 3650 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
koand, 2956 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Basenjigirl, 2776 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Jim Pack, 2724 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Tombstoneguy, 2550 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
huntindead, 2529 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
TRock, 2513 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
linda, 2456 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Frola52, 2414 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
SteveN, 2397 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Darren Zaugg, 2332 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Paulwuzhere, 2326 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
ustsen, 2238 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Marijke Bullians, 2195 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
zach, 2065 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Anita M Ingalls, 2050 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Spencer’s Eagle, 2026 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
raytracer, 1856 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Shuttergoul, 1832 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
lavi, 1787 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
hollandfamily51, 1657 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Tanner, 1634 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Roberta Lynas, 1615 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
mp4, 1615 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
ColeEagleProject2016, 1541 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Rob, 1518 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
JOHN SVADBIK, 1517 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Craig Proctor, 1515 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
holdiman, 1367 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
lindaleestamps, 1355 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Johnathan Huff, 1347 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Mark D Bennett, 1339 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
MSCBrighton, 1319 (1 Month BG+ Credit)

Here are the top Transcribers for March 2016:

ladynwht, 24978 ($50 Amazon Gift Card)
CLY, 20623 (Portable Device Charger)
Anchie, 9318 (Portable Device Charger)
HonestAbe, 9086 (BillionGraves T-Shirt)
Sarah Kienzle, 8933 (BillionGraves T-Shirt)
aviam, 8338 (BillionGraves T-Shirt)
JankaBart, 6363 (BillionGraves T-Shirt)
Shuttergoul, 5645 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
Lydia Uribe, 5437 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
Prelleg, 4818 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
Rob, 4420 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
k_lassman, 4399 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
Mamaheenan, 4240 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
DdraigGoch, 4228 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
ido navarro, 4151 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
mira, 4131 (BillionGraves Original Collectors Pin)
logan marx, 3936 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Pat, 3534 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
wegenerp, 3336 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
A Honda, 3272 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
PatM, 3163 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Katherine Rosenberger, 3135 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
orlykesh, 3018 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
randy_k15419, 2948 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
hawkeye, 2937 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Orav, 2900 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
wirthlancaster, 2898 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Basenjigirl, 2738 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Shirley, 2632 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Tom Sberro, 2611 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
amihai101, 2551 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
keren barkai, 2499 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Rainer, 2446 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Daria, 2383 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Gina369, 2352 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Manuel Martinez Montero, 2332 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
MSCBrighton, 2319 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Dorellen, 2309 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Jean, 2258 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
HadasD, 2181 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
mp4, 2114 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Frostyfan33, 2097 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
shaeryaron, 2087 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
DeeDee, 2078 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
ustsen, 2023 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
highland1dreamer, 1991 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Vania Juliani, 1972 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Anita M Ingalls, 1941 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Detlef Pannhorst, 1926 (1 Month BG+ Credit)
Marijke Bullians, 1915 (1 Month BG+ Credit)

If you are on this list, please make sure your email on your BillionGraves account is your correct current email address. We will be emailing you through the email on your account. You will need to provide us a shipping address where you would like your March prizes sent. So watch your inbox for that this week. Remember all prizes must be redeemed by the 15th of the month! 🙂

Thanks again to all who contributed this month! We sure appreciate all your many contributions! Keep an eye on our blog for more special events coming soon.

-All images uploaded from midnight (GMT) March 1st to midnight (GMT) March 31st 2016 are counted toward the March Madness Competition.
-Make sure you have permission and are welcome to take pictures in your local cemetery before doing so. Remember, private cemeteries require permission of the owner before taking any pictures.
-If you or another user marks a headstone picture as “bad” we deduct it from the uploader’s total images.
-Winners will be announced at the end of the month on the BillionGraves blog. Prizes must be claimed by the 15th of the following month via email to qualify for shipment of prizes.
-Promotion is open to all to participate for free. Registration is required.
-More than one individual may contribute to a single account, however, the limit is one prize redemption per BillionGraves account. [UPDATE: If user places in the bracket they will receive the prize pertaining to their standing and not the sum of all prizes. However; all 50 top transcribers and photographers will receive 1 credit for 1 free month of BillionGraves Plus.]
-Items will ship in 6-8 weeks after contest closes for winners in the U.S. International users(Outside of the US) will not receive a physical prize. They will receive a gift-card of equal value of the prize they have won sent to their BG email.
-Recipients will be required to provide a mailing address for physical items.
-All images must be uploaded/transcribed no later than midnight (GMT) on the last day of the month.