Over 1 Million More in May!

The final results are in and the numbers speak for themselves! 500,998 photos were taken, 577,712 records were transcribed (with an additional 534,000 images waiting to be transcribed)!  In total volunteers made over 1,078,710 contributions during the month of May!

The Grand Prize:

50,000 Photos Uploaded | 30,000 Transcriptions

Special congratulations to Melyssawebb, ladynwht, and Stephanie for uploading and transcribing more than 50,000 images/records and earning the Grand Prize Apple Watch Series 2 Smartwatches!

Melyssawebb from Virginia has uploaded an astounding 260,330 photos and 48,997 transcriptions to BillionGraves since she joined in October 2013! Just for this challenge, she uploaded headstones from 7 states. Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusets, New York, Georgia, South Carolina. That’s a LOT of traveling!

Ladynwht from California has transcribed an amazing 39,618 records to BillionGraves since she joined in January 2017!

Stephanie from Indiana has transcribed an amazing 30,769 records to BillionGraves since she joined on the 1st of May!

Thank you all for going the extra mile and achieving such an incredible goal!

Tier 3:

25,000 Photos Uploaded | 15,000 Transcriptions

Congratulations to Mary Hennig and Carin Cornwall for completing the Tier 3 Challenge and winning an Ancestry DNA testing kit!

Tier 2:

12,500 Photos Uploaded | 7,500 Transcriptions

Congratulations to Kevin, Kris M., Huskerken, Sunsearch, Alice MacGregor, NYHendersons, OurFamilyBefore, Yuval, Springsteen Fan, K_lassman, Ema, DeJavete, and Jedi1353 for completing the Tier 2 Challenge and winning an RAVPower 16W Solar Panel Charger!

Tier 1:

2,500 Photos Uploaded | 500 Transcriptions

Congratulations to ALL 267 VOLUNTEERS who completed the Tier 1 prize of 6 FREE months of BillionGraves Plus!


Again a special thank you all photographers and transcribers who participated!

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