First of all, a big THANK YOU to all the transcribers and photographers who participated this month in the June Get Active Challenge! The warmer weather and beautiful sunshine were a perfect combination to make it one of the best months of the year.


This June was a great month with 497,368 new photos and 645,272 new records! Making June the highest month for our transcribers this year! Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this such a great month!


As promised, here are the winners of the June Get Active Challenge!


The top photographer/transcriber earning a Fitbit Surge Fitness Super Watch ($249.99 value)

Ben Ariel (46,368 photos) | Ladynwht (34,225 transcriptions)

The 2nd place photographer/transcriber earning a Fitbit Charge HR Heartrate+Activity Wristband ($149.99 value)

Huskerken (20,174 photos) | KC Brown (28,949 transcriptions)

The 3rd place photographer/transcriber earning a Fitbit Charge Activity + Sleep Wristband ($129.99 value)

OurFamilyBefore (10,581 photos) | Sarah_765 (26,547 transcriptions)

The 4th place photographer/transcriber earning a Fitbit Flex Activity + Sleep Wristband  ($99.99 value)

Jim Lohr (8,562 photos) | Carolyn (22,046 transcriptions) 

The 5th place photographer/transcriber earning a Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker ($59.99 value)

@ngel (7,938 photos) | NashvilleLady (14,410 transcriptions)

If you are on this list, please make sure your email on your BillionGraves account is your correct current email address. We will be emailing you through the email on your account. You will need to provide us a shipping address where you would like your Prizes to be sent. So watch your inbox for that this week. Remember all prizes must be redeemed by the 15th of the month! If you don’t get the email from us by July 10, please email with your BG Username, Full Name, and Mailing address. 🙂

Thanks again to all who contributed this month! We sure appreciate all your many contributions!

Make sure to watch the blog for more information about our July challenge! It’s full of great prizes for photographers and transcribers!