The number of graves you have all mapped out and transcribed is climbing faster than ever—even slow upload days are higher than the average we had before August. You have all really stepped up to the plate on this, and the number of individuals who have earned their t-shirt is growing apace. We have 19 t-shirt winners, and there’s still more than a week left! Here’s a list of our current winners:

  • dswillet
  • Gableboy
  • Mitchowl
  • PapaMoose
  • ValerieC84
  • GeneologyMaster
  • Hokie374
  • tjalbrecht
  • lady0rowan
  • DdraigGoch
  • crex
  • Anne Ryan
  • Bmathis
  • Rbemis01
  • MichaelMcCormick
  • Chynna67
  • Vickytb
  • TaraDuncan
The Leaderboard gives us a glimpse of all the transcribers who are taking the uploaded photos and making them searchable. Right now the lowest number of transcriptions on the Leaderboard (which now extends to 25 instead of 10) is 325; the highest is a whopping 10,170 transcriptions from RWhisnant! And even with RWhisnant’s astounding numbers, we’ve had so many uploads that there are still over 5800 images available to transcribe. This is an amazing month for cemetery record collection.