Yesterday was a landmark day for the transcribers: there were more records transcribed yesterday than ever before (and the gap between yesterday and every other day was sizeable). Those transcriptions put us over a major milestone: 100,000 records. Each of those records belongs to someone’s family member, and now they’re easy to find for anyone who’s looking for them.

We’ve had some more photo collectors cross the 1,000-photo finish line as well: tjalbrecht, Hokie374, GeneologyMaster, ValeriC84, and PapaMoose (though PapaMoose assures me that his nephew was actually taking many of the photos while he was clearing off the stones, so he’s going to give his t-shirt to Helpful Nephew). These collectors have been a part of a huge spike in photo uploads.
Those photos have been uploaded from all over, and here’s a sample of the areas we’ve gotten photos from in the past two days, divided by continent.
North America

  • Alabama, USA 
  • California, USA 
  • Idaho, USA 
  • Louisiana, USA 
  • Michigan, USA 
  • New York, USA 
  • Ohio, USA 
  • Ontario, Canada 
  • Pennsylvania, USA 
  • South Carolina, USA 
  • Texas, USA 
  • West Virginia, USA 


  • Wales, UK 
  • Stockholm, Sweden


  • Canterbury, New Zealand
Many of these areas have even had more than one of their cemeteries updated in the past two days, so we’ve had a lot of additions. Thanks, everyone!