On Friday, November 11th, the United States will observe Veterans Day to honor and thank all military personnel who have served in all wars. There will be special parades, church services, and American flags will be displayed and hung at half mast. At 11 AM two minutes of silence may be held, some schools will be closed and others will hold special assemblies or activities.

In addition to the many ways of observing Veterans Day, we would like to invite all of you to visit a Veteran’s cemetery near you to pay tribute to our veterans. While there consider taking pictures of the grave markers as you pass them and help in increasing the number of war veterans headstones currently available at BillionGraves.com. It is very difficult to find and navigate to a loved ones grave without a tool such as BillionGraves.

It is an achievable goal for one individual to take 300 to 400 images in an hour in a typical cemetery. In a well-organized military cemetery that number could easily be double that amount. Here is a list of websites with the locations of many Veterans cemeteries:


Thank you again to all of our amazing volunteers, both those taking pictures and those transcribing them.